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Q:  How do you create a cutter if there is no main author?

A:  The Cutter is based on main entry. Main entry can also be the title if there is no 100 tag in the record. So you Cutter for the first significant word of the title, i.e., do not Cutter for the initial article.


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Q.   In Exercise 2, should we put “(first indicator is intentionally left blank)” in our 245 field, or is that understood, since you stated that? 

A.  Just use an underscore to represent the indicator. You will be filling it in for Exercise 3. Or just use the space key, i.e., 245 _0 or 245 4

I use the underscore in my records for the most part. It represents a blank.

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Q.  Are we supposed to end all our homework problems with a full stop even if AACR2 does not show it?

A.  Yes.  AACR2 does not give final punctuation in examples. You must supply where needed. There are some areas that do not get a full stop so be careful.  For example, Area 6 and Area 8 do not have full stops.

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Q.  Is there a resource for general examples for practice and/or reference that might help us check our work for Ex. 1?

A.  Use the help documents in Oncourse.  Examples can be found in the Area 1-8 document and the Maxwell book. Review the practice title answer keys.

Practice and sample records are very good sources. You learn cataloging by examples.

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Q. For the Stephenson title, is a 246 tag necessary here to use numerals in the place of the spelled out numbers since they occur in the subtitle and not the title?

A. Any time you can make a variation on a number either spelled out or numerical you should provide the 246. However, subtitles are another matter. You never create a 246 for a subtitle.

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Q. Why would the title be the main entry when we have the author/statement of responsibility?

A. The title could be main entry in certain circumstances, think of a book with no statement of respon. Author unknown.

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Q. I don’t understand the first indicator in the 246 tag.

A. The first indicator is a local library policy decision. Don’t worry about it. Just worry about the second indicator. The first indicator can be a 1 or a 3, but again it doesn’t matter.

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