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Q.  If the publication date and the copyright date are the same, do we include them both?

A.  Transcribe only the publication date. Ignore copyright date—it is not the LC practice to transcribe both. Note: it is Optional in AACR2.


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Q.  Is there a resource for general examples for practice and/or reference that might help us check our work for Ex. 1?

A.  Use the help documents in Oncourse.  Examples can be found in the Area 1-8 document and the Maxwell book. Review the practice title answer keys.

Practice and sample records are very good sources. You learn cataloging by examples.

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Q. This one has copyright dates and a reprint date. I’m not sure which to use in the 260 tag

A. If you cannot find a publication date, then you use the copyright date. Ignore all printing dates.

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Q. There’s mention of an afterward copyright after the original copyright (in this new edition). Would we put that in a note? (Peters)

A. Look closely on the sources for date, sometimes you have to read all the fine print to find the publication date. You can ignore this information on the afterword.

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Q. So if the OCLC gives both a publication date and a copyright date, we just need to put the publication date…even in the variable field?

A. Yes, you would need to edit the record for the publication date only. And the fixed field area as well.

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Q. For the date…there are only supposed to be four digits, but if there are two dates, do we put the second date in the next box? or just drop it?

A. LC practice on dates in the 260 is to use a single date. Find the date of publication. If none, find the copyright date. The transcription either way will be a single date. There is room in the fixed field area for two dates. Two dates are more common in other formats.

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Q. I was a but confused on whether or not to include the “c” in area 4. Do we only use it if we see the word “copyright” near the year?

A. You only include the c for copyright, if you have a copyright as the only date found on the source. You will precede the date with a lower case c. Remember a publication date will always take precedence.

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