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Q:  Do we pay attention to the name of the other publisher in London, or do we stick with the closest geographical location?

A:  You look for the first city. If it is in the US, then ignore all others. It is only when the first city listed is a non-US city, that you have to include a second place location if there is a US city as well.


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Q.  How would you determine if a city is “internationally known”?

A.  Only cities that are obvious like NY and LA and Chicago, Paris, Rome. You would not be wrong to include larger jurisdiction if uncertain. Most places are NOT internationally known.

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Q.  How do you know when to put brackets around a state?

A.  If the larger jurisdiction is NOT listed on the source and you need to include it, then you include it (with correct AACR2 abbreviation) and enclose in [ ]. This will be for all place but cities internationally known if not found on the source.

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Q.  Is there a resource for general examples for practice and/or reference that might help us check our work for Ex. 1?

A.  Use the help documents in Oncourse.  Examples can be found in the Area 1-8 document and the Maxwell book. Review the practice title answer keys.

Practice and sample records are very good sources. You learn cataloging by examples.

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Q. If you have Springfield, Chicago, and Los Angeles, would you transcribe Springfield [Mo.] or Chicago?

A. The first, as long as Mo. is the AACR2 abbrev. for Missouri.

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Q. If there are 2 US cities listed, do you only list the first one, ex Los Angeles and Chicago, you would only list Los Angeles?

A. Only list one US city if the first is a US city. You could have Chicago, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and New York and you transcribe Chicago.

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Q.  Area 4: Rule 1.4C5 – How do we know the home country of the cataloging agency? Is that whoever is making the catalog record?

A. Since we are in the US, our home country is any city in the US. If you have a US city listed on the source as the first city, it is the country of the cataloging agency. If you are cataloging from Canada and the first city is New York, then you look for another city. If in the US, you stop there.

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