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Q.  What do we do when a book lists a publisher which is part of a distributor? Do you still list both?

A.  No, just include the publisher.


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Q.  Is there a resource for general examples for practice and/or reference that might help us check our work for Ex. 1?

A.  Use the help documents in Oncourse.  Examples can be found in the Area 1-8 document and the Maxwell book. Review the practice title answer keys.

Practice and sample records are very good sources. You learn cataloging by examples.

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Q. The scanned page says that Omneo is an “imprint” of Oliver Wight Publications, Inc. What does this mean? Does that mean Omneo is the publisher, or Oliver Wight?

A. Omneo is the publisher. When the new RDA is in place, you can include all of that language about the publisher.

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Q. It [Summers] talks about basil blackwell, oxford, 1968 on the t.p. verso. Is that a simultaneous publisher?

A. Could be the printer.

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Q. 1.4B6 in Ch. 1 gives instructions for when “an item is known to have fictitious publication, distribution, etc.” That is extremely confusing, and I wouldn’t think you would get the information from the chief source of information (i.e. t.p. verso) How could this happen? And how would it be commonly known?

A. AACR2 covers every possibility. Ignore this rule. Catalogers are detectives sometimes.

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Q. If the publishing city isn’t one of the major ones (i.e. Chicago, New York), and the source doesn’t include the state, but the publisher does (i.e. the city is Bloomington, and the publisher is Indiana University Press), do you need to include the state in square brackets as you would with an ambiguous city without any other indication of the location?

A. If it is obvious from the publisher name where the pub is located, then not necessary to add larger jurisdiction. Source has Indianapolis alone, then you transcribe Indianapolis [Ind.] If the Source has Indianapolis Indiana, then you transcribe Indianapolis, Ind.

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Q. Could a publisher/publishing body be considered as the statement of responsibility (in either areas 1 or 2)?

A. No, the publisher is not the statement of resp. Publisher information is area 4. A very distinct area for this information. Which consists of three elements. place, publisher name, date.

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