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Q:  In the 300 tag, is there a specific RDA wording for color illustrations?

A:  Yes, you can find something in RDA on color illustrations. One way that I find things is to use the keyword search option. Just type in “color”.


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Q.  Is there a resource for general examples for practice and/or reference that might help us check our work for Ex. 1?

A.  Use the help documents in Oncourse.  Examples can be found in the Area 1-8 document and the Maxwell book. Review the practice title answer keys.

Practice and sample records are very good sources. You learn cataloging by examples.

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Q. This one had a listing of photos [Stephenson] would that go under notes?

A. This book is heavily illustrated. It would not need a separate note.

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Q. For Whiteside, is there a way to indicate that there are charts, graphs, and tables?

A. These are all lumped under illustrations.

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Q. Do we always express the number of preliminary pages in Roman numerals, even if they aren’t numbered that way?

A. If you find preliminary pages, you use the Roman numeral in your description.

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Q. In Ex. 1, you provide us with the number of preliminary pages. In practice, are these the numbered pages such as those in the introduction? If not, how do we determine the number?

A. The preliminary pages are in Roman numerals. Look for the last Roman numeral page and the last arabic numbered page for your extent of the item.

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Q. Could you define “numbered plates” or “plates”? I am unfamiliar with this term.

A. Plates are found in some books. They are attached to pages and contain some photo or picture.

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