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Unnecessary Notes

Q.  Why was the display face, the text face and the book designer not included in the notes section and if it were, would it be listed in the physical description?

A. Since we are not doing archival description (this is not a rare or valuable book) you do not need notes about the display face, text face, etc.


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Medal Winner Note

Q. What is the order of notes for note that Hesse’s Out of the Dust is a medal winner?

A. The fact that it is a medal winner is important.  This is a general note and is coded with a 500 tag. In AACR2 it falls under:

2.7B1. Nature, scope, or artistic form

Which as you can see is one of the very first notes, so it will be added above all other notes.

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Q:  A 246 tag should only be considered for the title proper and not subtitles, correct? Would a subtitle variation best be suited for a 500 note?

A:  Correct, only the title proper. No need to add a note for a subtitle variation.

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Q:  How do you handles dashes within chapter titles when dashes are what separates the chapters titles in the notes field?

A:  If there are dashes in the TOC title itself, replace with a comma. Make sure these are the same title.

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Q:  Because we separate chapters with a double dash (–), how do you handle it when one of the chapters has a dash in it?  Do we only use one dash instead of two in such a case?

A:  If the dash is indicating a subtitle, you can use the colon, or if a comma is appropriate use a comma.  As always, you can use the OCLC records, but go with the information I give you on the page scans. Make your corrections and edits and check your work a few times for spacing mistakes, capitalization mistakes and punctuation, these are the most common mistakes.

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Q:  For a title with photo credits, do we add the photo editor or photo credits as a 700 tag?

A:  You cannot put these persons in the 700 tag unless you also include a note about what their function is with the work. This is generally not the practice. If they are not on the t.p. and not in the 245 |c , you usually ignore them. If they are really someone famous, however, you would want to add that note.

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Q:  Regarding 504 notes… RDA rule 7.16.1 shows the following as examples: “Includes index” and “Bibliography: pages 859–910.” Is either acceptable?  Does one apply to indexes only and the other to bib only?

A:  You can still combine these notes. These are just examples of the individual notes.

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