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Q:  If a book has both an ISBN number and an ISBN number by which to order the book, should we include both?

A:  One of these ISBN might be for the International edition. If you have both on the source and you can qualify them, you must include two 020 tags in your records. The qualification of the binding here is important – you should look at whether the ISBN is followed by paperback or acid free paper for this binding.


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Q:  I’ve noticed that sometimes when I look up the final project titles on the OCLC, some of them have additional ISBN numbers that my PDF copy does not have.  Should I just go off of the paper copy or use both the paper and the OCLC record?

 A:  Some OCLC records may have the ISBN13 or the ISBNs for other binding. You can ignore those for our records.  Use only the ISBN on the sources I give you on the PDF files.

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Q:  If there is no ISBN on the item, but the OCLC record lists one, do we include that in our records?

A:  These titles are fairly old, so there may not be an ISBN. If you find one on the source then YES, do include it. If you find one in the OCLC record, you will have to question its accuracy for that record. ISBNs were only implemented in the late 1970s, so be careful here.

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 Q:  If an ISBN is not on an OCLC record should we locate it in another place? A WorldCat search?

A:  It is not necessary to go to external sources.  Some of these exercise titles are too old to have an ISBN.

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Q.  If you don’t have an ISBN, but you do have a price, do you put just the price in the 020 tag?

A.  If there is no ISBN, just skip the field. You can delete the 020 or leave it blank.

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Q.  If the OCLC record is missing information from some of the tags that are on the Exercise 2 template, do we look for that information in a different source? 

A.  If there is an ISBD area in your book for that tag, for example, then yes, you can use the book as your source.  Otherwise, you can skip that field. Leave it blank or delete from the record.

If you do not have an ISBN on the pdf pages, you do not have to go to an outside source for example. If you cannot find a series, again, you do not have to go to outside sources. Be careful with OCLC records that have this information in the record and you do not see it on the pdf pages because you may be looking at a different record.

The template is a MSWord table and you can easily add rows or delete rows. In fact you do not need to retain the row numbers. That is up to you.

 The easiest approach might be to straight catalog the records and then look for it in OCLC to compare. Others might find it easier to do the editing. Again, it’s up to you. Just don’t forget to include the OCLC number for the best match to your book in hand.

 Since these are older books, you may not have an ISBN. Be suspicious if you find one in the record. It may be for another edition of the same title and this would not be a good record to use for your book.

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Q.  What is the best way to search OCLC Connexion?

 A. Searching by ISBN should come first.  But many of these titles do not have an ISBN, so then what?  The next best search is LCCN. Don’t forget about the LCCN. If you find one the book, you need to add it to your records. 

 Searching by title will give you too many options. You will need to narrow with date and author, and to check for the correct publisher.

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