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Q:  If we need a 600 tag, do we use exact copy of 100 tag, including indicators?

A:  Yes, and it follows the same format for a name heading.


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Q:  A 246 tag should only be considered for the title proper and not subtitles, correct? Would a subtitle variation best be suited for a 500 note?

A:  Correct, only the title proper. No need to add a note for a subtitle variation.

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Q:  When considering adding a 246 tag, if the only difference is the subtitle, it would not be necessary, correct?

A:   You never add a 246 tag based on the subtitle in the |b. It is only for the title proper.

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Q:  Is there a stop in the 830 field and should the volume number be included?

A:  Yes, there is a full stop needed at the end of the 830 tag and yes, you must include volume number as well.  The 830 tag is a searchable tag in most ILS that is why it is important.

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Q:  Are 246 and 830 tags considered added entries?

A:  The 246 is a note for varying title. It is an access point but not an added entry. The 830 is a tag for series which is definitely an access point.

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Q:  Are all function designations optional?

A:  All designation of function for the 700 tags are optional. If you choose to include, I will check your use of subfields, spacing, spelling, punctuation etc.

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Q:  Can a book have more than one 490 field? I’m seeing a couple of different potential series names for one of the titles.

A:  Yes, they can.  But be careful with multiple series names and research to make sure they are actually series.

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