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Q: Is it only mandatory to use the 830 field if there is a difference?

A: It used to be that the 830 field was only added when there was a difference in what was found on the source for the series statement and what was found in the Authority File as the established series title, but the practice has changed. Keep in mind that most series titles that are generic will have an established title.  You will always have a 490 field in your record if you have a series statement.

If you use 490 with first indicator 1 – it means you want your series to be traceable and you will use the 830 tag as well.


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Q: What are the punctuation differences between the 490 and 830 fields?

A: The 830 has a nonfiling character indicator and requires punctuation where the 490 does not.

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Q: Is 830 necessary if the 490 from the source is different than what the authority heading says?

A: The 830 can be added even if there is no change in the established heading. This is a common practice.

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Q:  Should we put the 650 tags in the same order as the OCLC record?

A:  You should order your LCSH according to what the book is most about being the first LCSH. Always check the OCLC 6XX tags.

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Q:  If we find an added entry in a 410 tag, do we ignore it and look for something else?

A:   If you find the name, and the record has a 410 tag, you ignore the 410 tag and take whatever you find in the 1XX tag. You have to use the established heading regardless of what you have on your source.

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Q:  Is the authority file always correct in punctuation?

A:  The authority file does NOT include final punctuation for a tag. You have to add it where necessary. Follow the guidelines on the help documents. Actually, when you find final punctuation in an AF record, it is a mistake.  It’s always best to cut and paste and then consider appropriate final punctuation.

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Q:  What if you find a name listed one way in 100 tag and a different way in 700 tag? Which should you follow?

A:  The name from the AF is always taken from the 1XX tag. It will be the same no matter if you are using it as a main entry (100 tag) or added entry (700 tag). So not sure where you are seeing an example of the name used differently.

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