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Q. So it wouldn’t work to have two topical subdivisions, even if they are separated by another subdivision (like say a chronological one)?

A. Generally two topical do not work unless they are established as such or the scope note allows it with the main LCSH. Read the scope notes closely. If you want to use as a subd. and it does not work with the main LCSH then consider it as the main LCSH.


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Q. In general, a subdivision (if not already established) is created in the same way a subject heading is, right? Just searching for terms that describe the work. And can we add subdivisions to any subject heading as long as the scope notes say it’s okay?

A. Right.

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Q. About scope notes: In general I’m not seeing scope notes in my searches, am I doing something wrong or is it that there aren’t scope notes for it?

A. Notes are in the 6XX tags in the AF records. They are the 680 tags found in subdivision records.

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Q. I know that 2 Subject Headings are required, but is there a requirement for subdivisions?

A. You are required to make the subject heading as specific as possible, that may entail adding subdivisions. In some cases, yes, they are necessary and required.

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Q. For the Hesse title, I know the| v should be poetry, right? How do I look this up? There are 4000 search results. I can’t figure out what should be the topical term. I also saw you could do a keyword search but I don’t see where you can do that?
Am I doing any of this correctly?

A. You want to use “poetry” as a form subdivision for Dust Bowl Era…. You must search it in the AF as a subdivision and read the scope note very closely.  The scope note for poetry reads as follow:

‡i Use [poetry] as a form subdivision under names of countries, cities, etc., names of individual persons, families, and corporate bodies, and under classes of persons, ethnic groups, and topical headings for collections of poetry and individual poems on those subjects.

Now you have to determine if Dust Bowl Era fits into any of those categories, i.e., is it a city, individual person, corp. body, etc.?  If so, you can use it as a subdivision. for Dust Bowl Era, if not, you cannot use it.

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Q. This is all I have for the LCSH for the Hesse title, is this correct?
650 _0 |y Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939

A. You are on the right track with this one. The story did take place during the Dust Bowl era. You have to search the AF to find the established heading for Dust Bowl era to see if you can use it as a main LCSH or as the chronological subdivision with some other main LCSH.
It is also a work of fiction so you must provide the form subdivision along those lines, otherwise this work would be considered a factual account of the Dust Bowl Era and it is not a work of Non-fiction.

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Q. Can I add the following additional LCSH for the Lavine title?
Farm life |z Oklahoma |y Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939 |v Juvenile fiction.

A. Searching the AF for Oklahoma as a geographic name I found the following:

Note that Dust Bowl Era is not established with Oklahoma.  There is no |x Dust Bowl Era in the list of established subdivisions.  So you must search it as a subdivision.  You will find it does not exist as a subdivision but only as a main LCSH.  Which means you cannot add it to the Main LCSH Oklahoma but can only use it as a second LCSH.  So your record might have the following:

651 _0 Oklahoma |x Social life and customs |v Juvenile fiction.   (or some other subdivision pertaining to this book that works with OK)

650 _0 Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939 |v Juvenile fiction.
In addition the following LCSH works, because farm life can be subdivided geographically:
650 _0 Farm life |z Oklahoma |v Juvenile fiction.




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