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DDC Connects with LCSH

Q:  Does the DDC have to connect exactly with the LCSH?

A:  Yes, it should and you can actually get pretty close with this if you do a good job with subject analysis.


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Q. The statement of responsibility comes from the tp and the main entry comes from the authority file. right?

A. The statement of resp. comes from the t.p. Then you decide on access points. And you do the authority work on the access points (or what is in the 100 or 700 tags.) It the title is main entry, then you cutter for the first significant word in the title, do not Cutter for an initial article.

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Cutter Number Source

Q. Is the cutter number created over the main entry or from the author’s name as it appears on the title page?

A. The Cutter is created for main entry. So you have to figure that out from the statement of responsibility.

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Specificity of DDC

Q. How specific do you want us to go with section two of Exercise #6? For all of them, I have one number after the decimal, but it is difficult to be more specific without an actual object to examine.

A. It depends what you find in the schedules. Some may only have one number of specificity beyond the decimal point. When you check for DDC always consider your LCSH and search the Relative Index and LCSH for options. There are always several ways to go with the number and I will accept a lot of possibilities unless you are really off. I will not accept broad numbers.

Follow up:

Q. So say we used 973 for American Revolution that is to broad?

A. I think you are ok with 973. However, check the hierarchy, there are other numbers for American Revolution.

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Connexion & DDC

Q. Just a general question are we tied to using the Connexion for Dewey numbers or it is possible to use a dewey book?

A. The set of hardbound DDC is available at University Library on reserve. If using your own, it should be the current, 22nd ed.

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DDC & Summer’s

Q. Can we use just plain law on this one [Summer’s title] or does it have to be specific?

A. Law itself is too broad. You need to move along the hierarchy to see what is available.  Remember this book deals with philosophy and theory of law.

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Cutter Numbers

Q. We (mostly) go by the 100 tag for Cutter numbers, right?

A. Cutter: you go by the main entry. The main entry could be the title, be careful with those.

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