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Q.  Under the Desc. fixed field, would we put ‘a’ even if it’s left blank on the OCLC record, since our changes to the record would make it follow AACR2?

A.  Yes.  The Cataloging Calculator can help with the country codes.


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Q. For Exercise 2, do we basically transcribe the records into MARC fields, with no AACR2 this time?

A.  YES to AACR2. You have to bring the existing OCLC record up to the current standard or use the correct rules of transcription. You will lose a lot of points if you leave the OCLC records as is.

Remember these are older records and all have not been cataloged with the current standard. This is where the pdf files will be important and using the appropriate transcription for each area will be critical. You will have to go through the OCLC record and delete some fields as well.

So for example, if you find a note that reads Bibliography, p. 225-229. This would be incorrect and you would have to edit for the current note.

Anything without and “a” under the field Desc: a should be an immediate red flag. And even with an “a” it still could be an older version of AACR2.

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Q.  How do we identify all the information needed for the answers to Exercise 2?

A.  You are basically cataloging the book. So you need to walk through each ISBD area. The OCLC record will help, but it will need to be edited. Start with the variable field data and then fill in the fixed fields. Many of the fixed fields will default to the same code for each record. Again, the Adobe session will help with this.

Part of ex. 2 is to find the OCLC record that is the best match for your book in hand. I want that OCLC number as well on your assignment for each title. So, your first task would be to find the OCLC record by searching OCLC Connexion.

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Q. So if the OCLC gives both a publication date and a copyright date, we just need to put the publication date…even in the variable field?

A. Yes, you would need to edit the record for the publication date only. And the fixed field area as well.

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Q. For the date…there are only supposed to be four digits, but if there are two dates, do we put the second date in the next box? or just drop it?

A. LC practice on dates in the 260 is to use a single date. Find the date of publication. If none, find the copyright date. The transcription either way will be a single date. There is room in the fixed field area for two dates. Two dates are more common in other formats.

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Q. It seems like the Haylings’ book is a “guide” of sorts. Might we consider it a handbook or manual….?

A. Possibly. You may be on the right track with this. It is a guide of some sort and contains mostly tables.

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Q. For the DtSt and Dates fixed fields, if the reprint and original date are the same are they then “r” and date,date (even if the same year?)

A. For date, you are looking for a single date. Priority is to find the publication date. If no pub date then the copyright date.

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