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Q:  If we use a |v field in the LCSH that we come up with, should it be added to all the subject headings in our record?

A:  Yes, it should be applied because it will be true of all LCSH.  However, you have to read the scope note for the use of that Form Subdivision in the record with the main LCSH.  If you have a topical LCSH and the note reads use with all topical LCSH, then you are okay.  But if it is limited in use, then you have to consider if it applies to your main LCSH.


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Q.  Is biography something we would put into the form subfield?

A.  Yes.  With the right LCSH, remember you have to do your authority work for each part.   Think about what this book is really trying to do, what is its purpose?  And think about what this book is.

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Q.  What do I do with something that is a collection of essays… and I cannot for the life of me find anything like this in the LCSH?

A. Yes, on the right track, simplify- think Essays.

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Q. I’m confused, so form can be journal/textbook/manual or drama/mystery/documentary – or do you mean that the drama/etc. would be the subdivision of genre and the journal/etc. is the main form heading?

A. A form a book takes can be any number of things.  You can bring out the form with the use of an appropriate subdivision.  Genre headings are reserved for more literary forms a book may be written in.  Genre headings are generally given a 655 tag. These are terms like English literature, Detective and mystery plays, or American fiction.

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Q. Could form be a main LCSH?

A. If form is the main LCSH, then it is called a genre heading. And the examples here could be Drama, Mystery fiction, English literature, Documentary. The entire book has to be a catalog in order to add a form subdivsion for catalog. The entire book must be a work of English literature in order to add a genre heading for English Lit, etc..

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Q. What do you mean by form? textbook?

A. Form has nothing to do with the subject of the book, but the form it takes, such as journal, textbook, manual, fiction, dictionary, catalog, etc. You are on the right track. I am not sure that this [Summer’s] is a textbook, but you are starting to think along the right lines.

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Q. Would it be okay if you placed a subdivision on a genre heading?

A. Yes, you can do that. Again, do the authority work on the subd.

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