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Q:  Is it okay to use the same LCSH, but with different subdivisions?  Would this be too repetitive?

A:  No, that is fine.  If you are trying to bring out certain aspects of the subject, you have to repeat main LCSH.  For example, it is better to repeat the LCSH than to add on the |x to the same LCSH.


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DDC Connects with LCSH

Q:  Does the DDC have to connect exactly with the LCSH?

A:  Yes, it should and you can actually get pretty close with this if you do a good job with subject analysis.

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Q:  If we use a |v field in the LCSH that we come up with, should it be added to all the subject headings in our record?

A:  Yes, it should be applied because it will be true of all LCSH.  However, you have to read the scope note for the use of that Form Subdivision in the record with the main LCSH.  If you have a topical LCSH and the note reads use with all topical LCSH, then you are okay.  But if it is limited in use, then you have to consider if it applies to your main LCSH.

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Q:  Should we put the 650 tags in the same order as the OCLC record?

A:  You should order your LCSH according to what the book is most about being the first LCSH. Always check the OCLC 6XX tags.

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Q.  So only the main LCSH needs to be able to be geographically subdivided, not all of the other subdivisions?

A.  You actually have to place the geographic subdivision outside all subd that can be subdivided geographically.  So you need to check all.  Usually there is only one |x and if it can’t be subdivided geographically, then place the |z immediately following the main LCSH.  If the |x can be subdivided geographically, then place the |z outside of it.

The best example of this is history. History used as a subdivision cannot be subd. geog.  So if you place a |z in the LCSH string, it has to come before the |x History.

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Q.  Can a geographic name be used that is assumed to be the same place if there is no established LCSH subdivision for the place as it is described in the TOC?

A.  Yes, you can use a geographic place name as the subject of the book. Make sure you are searching it as a Geographic Name in Connexion.  If you are using a geographic place name as a subdivision, you also search it as a geographic name. Look for the 781 tag in the AF record and that is how you will use it in your record.  In all cases you must find the established heading for the place name. Use the 151 tag if it is the main LCSH. use the 781 tag if it is a geographic subdivision.

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Q.  We should be searching under the subdivision heading in the authority file for subdivisions, right?

A.  Yes.  You can only do a separate search on subdivision in Connexion.  For example, if you want to use rhetoric as a subdivision, you can search as a subdivision. If you want to use it as the main LCSH you can search for it as LCSH in Connexion.  Just knowing your AF tags will help. Rhetoric as a main LCSH will be found in the 150 tag. Rhetoric used as a subdivision will be found in a 180 tag in the AF record.  The 180 tag will also have the |x next to the subdivision.

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