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Q:  Should we put the 650 tags in the same order as the OCLC record?

A:  You should order your LCSH according to what the book is most about being the first LCSH. Always check the OCLC 6XX tags.


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Q.  If on the TP verso, it credits the graphics, we can’t put that in the 245 tag.  But should it be put in a 500 tag? 

A.  If it’s not on the t.p. verso, you can’t put it in the 245.  You can consider this for a note if you find it important to include.

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Q.  I’m confused about using the 100 tag versus the 700 tag. If the OCLC record uses the 100 tag, should I use that too?  And should I add it in 100 or 700?

A.  This depends on main entry. If you have an author that is main entry, then you use the 100 tag alone for this person. You only use 700 tags for added entries, such as 2nd and 3rd authors, editors, illustrators, etc. You will only ever have one 100 tag in a record (is you have main entry author), the name is NEVER repeated in a 700 tag. You have to check the OCLC record for correctness in assigning main entry.

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Q.  Which tag tells us the official heading?

A.  It is always the 1XX tag in the AF.

Q.  What is the difference between established personal heading and official heading?

A.  The official heading is for heads of states, popes, etc.

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Q.  Which tag would the “see reference” be?

A.  See references in the AF are in 4XX fields. They are invalid headings. You can ignore them for our purposes.  There will be a time (in part 2 of Exercise 4) when I ask for it so I know that you know what they are, but I never want to see the see refs in your bib records.

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Q.  So an 830 tag would not be necessary to include, or would it?

A.  You include the 830 tag if the series title was different in the 130 tag, not the 530 tag.

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Q.  If you don’t have an ISBN, but you do have a price, do you put just the price in the 020 tag?

A.  If there is no ISBN, just skip the field. You can delete the 020 or leave it blank.

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