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Q:  If we use a |v field in the LCSH that we come up with, should it be added to all the subject headings in our record?

A:  Yes, it should be applied because it will be true of all LCSH.  However, you have to read the scope note for the use of that Form Subdivision in the record with the main LCSH.  If you have a topical LCSH and the note reads use with all topical LCSH, then you are okay.  But if it is limited in use, then you have to consider if it applies to your main LCSH.


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Q. In general, a subdivision (if not already established) is created in the same way a subject heading is, right? Just searching for terms that describe the work. And can we add subdivisions to any subject heading as long as the scope notes say it’s okay?

A. Right.

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Q. About scope notes: In general I’m not seeing scope notes in my searches, am I doing something wrong or is it that there aren’t scope notes for it?

A. Notes are in the 6XX tags in the AF records. They are the 680 tags found in subdivision records.

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Q. Just in general, is there ever a time when you could have a subdivision with a 600 tag?

A. 600 tags are tricky. The subd. scope note must state that it can be used with personal names. Or you have to find one established such as the est. subd. found on the pattern headings for literary authors like Shakespeare. It is very important to read the scope notes if you cannot find the subdivision you want to use with the LCSH already assigned. Don’t make the mistake of assigning an LCSH that can only be used as a subdivision and vice versa.

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Q. For the Hesse title, I know the| v should be poetry, right? How do I look this up? There are 4000 search results. I can’t figure out what should be the topical term. I also saw you could do a keyword search but I don’t see where you can do that?
Am I doing any of this correctly?

A. You want to use “poetry” as a form subdivision for Dust Bowl Era…. You must search it in the AF as a subdivision and read the scope note very closely.  The scope note for poetry reads as follow:

‡i Use [poetry] as a form subdivision under names of countries, cities, etc., names of individual persons, families, and corporate bodies, and under classes of persons, ethnic groups, and topical headings for collections of poetry and individual poems on those subjects.

Now you have to determine if Dust Bowl Era fits into any of those categories, i.e., is it a city, individual person, corp. body, etc.?  If so, you can use it as a subdivision. for Dust Bowl Era, if not, you cannot use it.

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Q. This is all I have for the LCSH for the Hesse title, is this correct?
650 _0 |y Dust Bowl Era, 1931-1939

A. You are on the right track with this one. The story did take place during the Dust Bowl era. You have to search the AF to find the established heading for Dust Bowl era to see if you can use it as a main LCSH or as the chronological subdivision with some other main LCSH.
It is also a work of fiction so you must provide the form subdivision along those lines, otherwise this work would be considered a factual account of the Dust Bowl Era and it is not a work of Non-fiction.

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Q. Do you have to have multiple 650’s or is one okay?  For example for the Lavine title I have:

650    _0    Horses |x Indians |v Juvenile fiction.

A. When you search horses, you do not find Indians as an established subdivision.  SO, now you must search Indians as a subdivision.  It is found in the AF as such, but the Scope note reads: (and you must read the scope note to determine its use with the main LCSH) “Use as a topical subdivision under individual wars.”

This will not work with Horses, because horses is not an individual war.

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