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Q:  MARC field 830 mentions “series added entry.”  Is this field required if the series is an added entry?

A:  830 is required if the established heading in the AF is different from what you find on the source. Transcribe the series title as found on the source in the 490 tag. Then search the title in the AF as a title. If found, you have two options:

1. The established title is exactly the same as what you have on the source. So you do not need the 830. Some libraries add it anyway and it is identical to the 490, with the exception of final punctuation and the second ind. is a non filing character.

2. The established heading IS DIFFERENT from what you have on your item, then the 830 is necessary to give access to both. 490 matches your series statement from the item the 830 is taken from the AF.  In this case, you have the change the indicators in the 490. 490 0_ if no 830 tag. 490 1_ if you have an 830 tag.


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Q:  In the 300 tag, is there a specific RDA wording for color illustrations?

A:  Yes, you can find something in RDA on color illustrations. One way that I find things is to use the keyword search option. Just type in “color”.

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Q:  For the TOC, if a book is written by Anonymous, do we write it the same way we would any other author’s name?

A:  Yes, this is the practice if it is written on the t.p as such.

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Q:  With regard to the bibliographical references: Given that they’re spread through the book should we list page numbers for all the references, just for the ones at the end of the book, or simply leave the page numbers out of the note?

A:  No, do not give page numbers if they are scattered throughout. Only list them if you have a complete bibliography somewhere in the book.

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Q:  I am still confused about the ‘End of Chapter Suggested Readings’. Would it be in a note or would we leave it out?

A:  End of chapter readings are references. Any reference used in writing the book deserves a note.

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Q:  Is there a rule about including chapter numbers in the TOC note? In AACR2, the partial example excludes the chapter numbers but the second example includes them. Is this cataloger preference?

A:  You can include chapter number if you want, not necessary though. It is a cataloger preference issue.

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Q:  Is it totally up to the cataloger what goes in a 500 note? Relatively arbitrarily, or whatever we find important? For example, do we include dedication or translators?

A:  More or less. The notes are flexible in wording and use. The common ones are the ones I require. LC will always include these notes. If you were doing archival quality records, then more types of notes would be warranted. Do not get carried away with notes. Also, if you have more than one note, they must be in AACR2 order.

Dedications are generally not noted unless it is by someone famous or well know expert in the field.   Translators, if not mentioned on the t.p. and in the |c statement of responsibility, are not noted either. If  you have a translator in area 1, you would then have a 700 tag.

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