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Q:  If we need a 600 tag, do we use exact copy of 100 tag, including indicators?

A:  Yes, and it follows the same format for a name heading.


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Q:  How do you create a cutter if there is no main author?

A:  The Cutter is based on main entry. Main entry can also be the title if there is no 100 tag in the record. So you Cutter for the first significant word of the title, i.e., do not Cutter for the initial article.

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Q:  If we find an added entry in a 410 tag, do we ignore it and look for something else?

A:   If you find the name, and the record has a 410 tag, you ignore the 410 tag and take whatever you find in the 1XX tag. You have to use the established heading regardless of what you have on your source.

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Q:  What if you find a name listed one way in 100 tag and a different way in 700 tag? Which should you follow?

A:  The name from the AF is always taken from the 1XX tag. It will be the same no matter if you are using it as a main entry (100 tag) or added entry (700 tag). So not sure where you are seeing an example of the name used differently.

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Q:  Is the first indicator of a series always 0?

A:  The 490 tag first indicator is zero if you do not add an 830 tag. If you add the 830 tag, you must change the first indicator to a 1.

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Q:  Are first indicators for main and added entries the same except for when 245 is main entry?

A:  First indicator varies by tag. If you are referring to the 245 first indicator, then it will depend on whether title is main entry or added entry.

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Q:  For 700 tags in general, is the order of the tags the same as what is presented on the t.p.?

A:  Yes, the 700 tags should be in the order you find them in the 245 |c.

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