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Q:  Is it okay to use the same LCSH, but with different subdivisions?  Would this be too repetitive?

A:  No, that is fine.  If you are trying to bring out certain aspects of the subject, you have to repeat main LCSH.  For example, it is better to repeat the LCSH than to add on the |x to the same LCSH.


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Q:  If we use a |v field in the LCSH that we come up with, should it be added to all the subject headings in our record?

A:  Yes, it should be applied because it will be true of all LCSH.  However, you have to read the scope note for the use of that Form Subdivision in the record with the main LCSH.  If you have a topical LCSH and the note reads use with all topical LCSH, then you are okay.  But if it is limited in use, then you have to consider if it applies to your main LCSH.

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Q.  If there is a specific subject heading that covers more than one topic, would I choose that versus a more general heading and a subdivision?

A.  You have to brainstorm about what you think the book is about and then go into the AF to see what you find in terms of a main LCSH. Don’t hesitate to search for phrases in various ways. If you can’t find a complete term you will have to consider adding subdivisions or an additional LCSH. There are broader topics that can cover multiple subjects. Check AF records for the broader topics.

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Q.  We should be searching under the subdivision heading in the authority file for subdivisions, right?

A.  Yes.  You can only do a separate search on subdivision in Connexion.  For example, if you want to use rhetoric as a subdivision, you can search as a subdivision. If you want to use it as the main LCSH you can search for it as LCSH in Connexion.  Just knowing your AF tags will help. Rhetoric as a main LCSH will be found in the 150 tag. Rhetoric used as a subdivision will be found in a 180 tag in the AF record.  The 180 tag will also have the |x next to the subdivision.

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Q.  What do I do with something that is a collection of essays… and I cannot for the life of me find anything like this in the LCSH?

A. Yes, on the right track, simplify- think Essays.

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Q. I’m confused, so form can be journal/textbook/manual or drama/mystery/documentary – or do you mean that the drama/etc. would be the subdivision of genre and the journal/etc. is the main form heading?

A. A form a book takes can be any number of things.  You can bring out the form with the use of an appropriate subdivision.  Genre headings are reserved for more literary forms a book may be written in.  Genre headings are generally given a 655 tag. These are terms like English literature, Detective and mystery plays, or American fiction.

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Q. Would it work to have two topical subdivisions, even if they are separated by another subdivision (like say a chronological one)?

A. Generally two topical subdivisions do not work unless they are established as such or the scope note allows it with the main LCSH. Read the scope notes closely.  If you want to use a word or phrase as a subdivision and it does not work with the main LCSH, then consider it as the main LCSH.  Search the term as a subdivision first to see it if is established as a subdivision and always read the scope note.

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